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ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

CV/MIDI Converters

Want to control your Odyssey with MIDI?  The following links are to pages that discuss external Control Voltage to MIDI converters:

JKJ Electronics CV/Midi Converter

PAiA midi2cv8 MIDI to CV Converter

The Encore Expressionist

Kenton's External CV/MIDI Converters

MIDI/CV Conversion with the Vesta Fire MDI-1
by John Volanski

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NOTE from Webmaster:  Be sure to also check out the internal MIDI kits for the Odyssey listed under the Mods page.

Expression Foot Pedal

The Odyssey Expression Foot Pedal can control two functions:

1.  The main filter cut-off level.  This allows for radical WOW and wah-wah effects when resonance is used, or for more subtle timbre effects.  This can also affect audio brought in through the external audio input such as other synths, pianos, guitar, organ or voice.  If you would like to control this aspect with MIDI, please click here.

2.  The frequency of VCO-2.  When placed in sync with VCO-1 this allows for Jan Hammer-like screaming lead guitar effects.  One of the more impressive features of the ARP Odyssey.  If you would like to control this aspect with MIDI, please click here.

Portamento Footswitch

The Odyssey Portamento Foot Switch allows you to switch the portamento effect on and off that you have pre-set through the slider on the front panel.

Arp Little Brother

 The Arp Little Brother is a great expansion module for the Arp Odyssey. It has its own built-in VCO oscillator and LFO.  The Little Brother's LFO allows you to add extra modulation effects.  Several Little Brothers can be stacked to expand the functionality of the Odyssey in a modular-like fashion.  Imagine controlling an unlimmited number of oscillators from a single Odyssey keyboard!  By running the output of the Little Brother into the external audio input of the Odyssey, you can greatly expand your Odyssey's capability.  The Little Brother has its own CV, gate and trigger inputs as well as an LFO out.

Anvil Road Cases

This is hot-linked to one of the great companies that make road cases for the ARP Odyssey.  If you decide to order one, let them know which model of Odyssey you have, because the models had slightly different sizes.  The Anvil web site also has brochures in PDF format for you to download.  They can also give you an on-line quote.


These guys have the repair contract for Anvil cases.  If you have an old case that needs to be repaired, or just need to have new foam installed, you can contact them for a quote.  To replace the foam, they will need the inside wood to wood dimensions of your case (Depth X Width X Height) as well as the dimensions of your Odyssey.  They can replace the foam at their factory, or you can do it yourself.

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