History of the

The following links give background and historical information:

The Rise and Fall of ARP Instruments
By Craig R. Waters

Sound on Sound Magazine's Odyssey History
By Gordon Reid

Three Faces of the Odyssey
175K Jpeg Image - Contributed by Toby Paddock

ARP Odyssey PPC (Proportional Pitch Control) Demo
Floppy record originally mailed out in the September 1977 issue of Contemporary Keyboard magazine.  This is a 4 megabyte MP3 file.  Original on cassette tape contributed by Cedric C. Carter

Odyssey Manufacturing/Release Dates
Contributed by Joachim Verghese

More Info on Odyssey Model Changes
Contributed by Joseph Rivers, curator of the The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum, in

Herbie Hancock ARP Odyssey Solo
Classic segment from his 1974 hit Chameleon showcases the versatility of the Odyssey.  This is an MP3 file with a running time of 3:40.  File size is about 3.5 megs.  Thanks to Cedric C. Carter for contributing this.
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Odyssey Promotional Poster Circa 1975

Odyssey Promotional Poster 2 Circa 1975

Odyssey Promotional Poster 3 Circa 1976

Odyssey Promotional Poster 4 Circa 1981
Contributed by Kevin Lightner

1974 Led Zeppelin JIMMY PAGE Arp synth ad

1975 THE WHO Pete Townshend Arp synthesizer ad

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