ARP Odyssey Bushing Replacement Tutorial

How to install new bushings on an Odyssey

We recently installed new bushings on an Odyssey and thought we would share our experience with everyone here in pictures. The process took roughly 1-2 hours, but was well worth it!


You'll likely need to remove the keybed from the instrument.

Side View
Pratt Read keyboard assembly side view

Pratt Read keyboard assembly back corner view. Notice the springs in back. You may need to pull this off in order to remove the key. Again, not difficult, just takes a little patience.

Odyssey screw
Removing the keys is fairly straightforward, just remove the screw at the top of the key and lift off.

In order to get to the bushings on most Pratt Read keyboards, it is necessary to pop the keys off the assembly. Not difficult, all you need is a screwdriver.

Old Bushings 1
This is what a 20+ year old bushing looks like. Hard, crusted, warped, and ready to crumble off at any time. The keys move from side to side and CLICK when you play them. NOT GOOD!

Old Bushings 2
Here is another picture of the old, worn out bushing.


To remove the old worn out bushing, you can use an exacto knife to cut them off. Often times they will literally crumble off by themselves if they are really old.


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