for the
ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

Odyssey Owner's Manual

The following is a scanned Odyssey service/technical manual:

ARP Odyssey Service Manual

Thanks to Len Rice and Merle Machen for the files

1981 ARP Odyssey Patch Book

ARP Odyssey Guide Book (24 Mb)   -  Smaller file (3.5 Mb)

There are two files. The first is full size, the second is 20 meg smaller, but still prints full size. Thanks to Mike Rafferty for the file.

Odyssey Keyboard Bushing Replacement Tutorial
Thanks to High Spies in San Francisco for permission to recopy this article.

The following sites have Odyssey technical and owner's manuals for sale:

DB Musical Electronics

Mark Glinsky's Manual Manor

Music Control Audio Services Ltd.

Book Recommendation:

Learning Music With Synthesizers
Written by David Friend, Alan R. Pearlman and Thomas D. Piggot.
Published 1974 by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 74-77567.

Part I of this book is a theoretical introduction to the the science of synthesizers.  Part II is a hands-on guide that walks you through principles learned in Part I on the actual ARP Odyssey.  Part III gets into experimentation and studio techniques (admittedly of the 1970's).  213 Pages.  Recommended for the true Odyssey aficionado.  They can be found on ABEBOOKS, a worldwide network of used book dealers.  They can also occasionally be found for sale amongst the Odysseys on eBay.  For a picture of the front cover of the first edition, click here.  For a picture of the front cover of the second edition, click here.

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