for the
ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

The following scans are from the  E-Music DIY Manuals Archive Page:

Electronic Parts List: Circuit Boards A-I, B-I, C-I

Electronic Parts List: Circuit Boards C-I (Cont), Power Supply I, Board A-II

Electronic Parts List: Circuit Boards B-II, C-II, Power Supply II

Phil Cirocco

CMS - Cirocco Modular Systems
1522 Eaton Ave.
Bethelem, PA 18018
Phone (610) 694-8886

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Synth Patchers

Replacement VCF Modules by CAE

Keyboard Bushings

Odyssey Keyboard Bushing Replacement Tutorial
Thanks to High Spies in San Francisco for permission to recopy this article.

Vintage Analog Synthesizer Keyboard Rebuild Kits

DB Musical Electronics

Kurt's Amps and Keyboards

Custom Audio Electronics (CAE)

Smart Parts


Electronic components can also be purchased on-line from the following electronics mail-order companies.  They have no knowledge of synthesizers, so you will have to research your part number very carefully:


Mouser Electronics

Newark Electronics

Allied Electronics

Radio Shack

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