Patches for the
ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

dj equipment

Blank Odyssey Patch Sheet 93k jpeg
(Use this one to submit patches to me, since I've sized it to fit your computer screen)

Hi-Res Blank Odyssey Patch Sheet 324k jpeg
(For printing hard copies)

ARP's Original Odyssey Patches

1981 ARP Odyssey Patch Book (75 Patches)

Twelve Patches from the 1976 Odyssey Owner's Manual

ARP's Original Odyssey Patch Panel Overlays

Sax Sound
This Saxophone patch originally appeared in the April 1977 ARPeggio Newsletter

Roger Powell's ARP Odyssey Patches and Tutorial
This book and tape was originally included with the Model 2800 whiteface Odysseys when they first came out in the early 1970's.  Thanks to
Bob Hanna for e-mailing me scanned images of this valuable book.
Thanks to Guy Phethean for the audio tape (which I converted to MP3 Format).

User Submitted Patches

Patches submitted by Robert Williams
Ted Nugent's Axxe - 449k MP3 file Muskrat Nausea Touch-Tone Telephone Top Gun - Danger Zone
Rolling Thunder - 476k MP3 file Stevie Wonder's Harmonica Fletch Lives French Horn


Patches submitted by David Berg
Pulse Bass Patch - text file Air Raid Siren 1 Heavy Bass 2
Think Sync E-Bass Meteor Scream
Spacy Birds/Underwater Bubbles Heavy Bass Sonar


Patches submitted by Toby Paddock
Halloween Patch - text file S/H Buzz and Burble


Patches submitted by Jordan Gibson


Patches submitted by Andrew Sanchez
5th Patch - 466k MP3 file Tomita - 526k MP3 file Bell Patch - 692k MP3 file
S/H Sync Lead - 749k MP3 file Lead Ring Shepard Tones - 408k MP3 file


Comments, suggestions, additions and PATCHES may be emailed here.