Roger Powell
Odyssey Patches and Tutorial

Published 1973 by Arp Instruments Inc.
Unless otherwise indicated, each page is a scanned jpeg file averaging 100k in size.
The MP3 file is 9.5 Megs in size

40 Minute Audio Tutorial in MP3 Format
Thanks to Guy Phethean in London, England for sending this to me on tape.

Front Cover:  Perform!  With Roger Powell, Atlantic Records Recording Artist
Odyssey Overview
Start Tape Here:  Roger Powell's Introduction
Preliminary Tuning Patch
Patch 1:  Trumpet Patch 11:  Electric Bass Patch 21:  Pitched Noise
Patch 2:  Trombone/Tuba Patch 12:  Phase-Sync Oscillator with Pedal Control Patch 22:  Bass Drum
Patch 3:  French Horn Patch 13:  Phase-Sync Oscillator with Sample/Hold Control Patch 23:  Snare
Patch 4:  Flute 1 Patch 14:  Guitar-Leslie Patch 24:  Conga
Patch 5:  Flute 2 Patch 15:  Electric Harpsichord Patch 25:  Cymbal
Patch 6:  Clarinet Patch 16:  Fuzz Organ Patch 26:  Gong/Chime
Patch 7:  English Horn Patch 17:  Fuzz-Wah Clavinet Patch 27:  Sample/Hold Filter Noise Percussion
Patch 8:  Saxophone Patch 18:  Jimmy Smith Jazz Organ Patch 28:  Train
Patch 9:  String Chorus Patch 19:  Trill-Phase with Long Envelope Patch 29:  Siren
Patch 10:  Banjo Patch 20:  Sample/Hold Filter Harmonics Patch 30:  Surf
Concluding Remarks
Back Cover


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